EDASC partners with RAIN to hire entrepreneurial advisor

EDASC partners with RAIN to hire entrepreneurial advisor Main Photo

30 Sep 2022

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Venture Catalyst position now open

RAIN, an Oregon-based nonprofit dedicated to growing entrepreneurship, is planning to bring its expertise to Skagit County.

RAIN, the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network, connects entrepreneurs with the people, programs and capital to help nurture their businesses, fostering a rich “entrepreneurial ecosystem” that benefits entire communities and regions.

The first step in rolling out RAIN’s services is hiring a “Venture Catalyst” to serve Skagit County. This position will provide support on behalf of RAIN to enhance and support the entrepreneurial community in Skagit County and is funded by the County under the EDASC Economic Recovery Plan for Skagit County.

This is an independent contractor position, so although the person will work closely with EDASC and RAIN, they will not be an employee of either. Venture Catalysts should have experience starting or scaling up a company and/or significant experience in the startup ecosystem and understand the value of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is inclusive and community focused.

The estimated contract dates are January 2023 through December 2024. The contractor fee is $6,000-$7,000 per month plus approved program expenses.

EDASC will assist in hiring for this position, and the successful candidate will have access to the EDASC office. For further the details on the Venture Catalyst position, visit Open Positions - RAIN (oregonrain.org). Deadline to apply is Nov. 7.