Dakota CreekSkagit County has a vibrant marine industry strategically located to major shipping routes and recreation areas.  The maritime sector in Skagit County includes cargo handling and logistics; fishing and seafood processing; ship and boat building, repair, and maintenance; passenger vehicles operations; recreational boating, and other maritime support industries.  The Port of Anacortes, a natural deep-water port, hosts major shipbuilding and repair facilities, with capabilities for dry bulk cargo exports, vessel moorage, industrial projects, and a spacious marina, accommodating both visitors and residents.  It ranked fourth in seaborne trade among Washington ports in 2013.  The Port of Skagit’s La Conner Marina offers a premier destination for recreational boaters, commercial fishers and marine-related businesses and manufacturers.    

Leading Businesses and Institutions

  • Dakota Creek Industries
  • Transpac Marinas
  • Janicki Industries
  • Tomco/American Tug
  • Nordic Tug
  • Industrial Solutions, Inc.
  • Golden Harvest
  • Northwest Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing (Skagit Valley College)