Property Search

Looking for information on properties in Skagit County?  The below property search tool can assist you in locating commercial and industrial real estate for sale and accessing information on all properties and parcels in Skagit County, regardless of whether they are currently on the market. EDASC’s property search map offers comprehensive census data, including information for each listed property on:

  • Labor Force and Demographics
  • Wages
  • Consumer Spending
  • Talent Pool/Educational Attainment
  • Housing Prices
  • Transportation (roads, rail, airports)
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications and Broadband Availability
  • Educational Institutions
  • Other Site Selection Data

This map also offers access to comprehensive information on Skagit County Assessor, tax, permit, and value history information for each property.  Simply click on the Parcel tab option, then highlight and right click on the web link listed at "ASSESS_URL," which will take you directly to Skagit County's property data web page for that parcel. 

For more information on available properties in Skagit County, please contact EDASC