Small-Business Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

How can EDASC help my business?

EDASC provides no-cost business advice through our relationships with business experts from all of the above organizations.  We provide confidential advising in the manner it makes the most sense to you.  Face-to-face, online, or telephone, we are ready to help your business succeed.  We will make sure you are with the right advisor or counselor for you need or business question.

EDASC also offers a 12-week entrepreneurship program twice a year called Startup School; one cohort is offered in English, the other cohort is offered in Spanish.  Curriculum is provided by the My Own Business Institute at Santa Clara University, and successful participants of the program are paired with a Washington SBDC advisor.

How do I know which service is right for my business?

EDASC will match you with the correct service based on your needs and life stage of your business.  Sometimes we may combine services to be sure you have the assistance you need.

What do you expect from me?

We have a variety of mentors and advisors, some of them volunteers.  Their time is provided to help you achieve your goals and dreams with your business venture.  Out of respect, we ask that you follow through on any scheduled appointments or provide notice if a change is needed.

You and your mentor/advisor work together to identify key areas to focus on in building your business success.  While they will be there to help you, they are not allowed to do the work for you.  You are responsible for moving your business forward.

Is there a charge for these services?

There is no monetary charge for business advising services provided to you by any of these providers, though you may be asked to participate in ways to authenticate the outcomes of the work we do together.  These may include a letter attributing the results to the advising received, participation in surveys or other verifications.  There may be charges for some optional classes, events, or workshops that will be prominently displayed at the time of registration.

In addition to the programs EDASC provides for small businesses, you can find resources for starting a small business on our Starting a Business page.

Small Business Programs

Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (CIE)
CIE offers accessible and inclusive first-step business training, advising and support to emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage microenterprises in rural and underserved communities throughout Washington State. CIE believe everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or background is a potential entrepreneur. Its training, one-on-one advising and other support helps them start a business that is ready to grow.

For more information, click here.

Impact Washington

Impact Washington is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Washington manufacturers to work smarter and to prosper. Since 1997, we have delivered 3,000 value-driven improvement solutions to more than 1,500 of Washington's small and medium-sized businesses, helping them compete and grow.

Impact Washington works with manufacturers to identify their unique challenges and opportunities to make it more profitable and a better place to work. Excellence in manufacturing comes from dedication to leading-edge management and operational practices that keep organizations ahead of the competition.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)sbdc
The Washington SBDC provides no-cost expert business advising, management training, and market research for small and mid-sized business owners. SBDC certified business advisors offer one-on-one technical assistance to support small business owners with strategic planning and long-term growth issues. Certified business advisors are knowledgeable professionals who have extensive experience owning, managing, or guiding businesses in a wide variety of industries.

SBDC is a partnership between the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Washington State University, and other Washington higher education institutions and economic development organizations, funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the SBA.

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SCORE is a non-profit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.  SCORE works in partnership with SBA, and provides volunteer mentors, business tools, and workshops.  For more information click here.

Our resident SCORE advisor is Rob Martin. Martin is well known in the business community after founding Chinook Enterprises in 1980. Since then, the nonprofit, a respected Boeing supplier, has helped place over 1,000 people with disabilities into jobs. Martin retired and became a SCORE advisor in 2019.

nwircEntrepreneurship – NW Innovation Resource Center
Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative product, process, or idea looking to get your business started?  EDASC partners with the NW Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC), which assists entrepreneurs and inventors from throughout Skagit County create the strategies they need to evaluate their ideas and obtain the resources they need to bring the ideas to life.  NWIRC works with EDASC to identify resources in the business community that will aid the entrepreneur along the path from idea to reality.  Their Enterprise Program assists the entrepreneur from innovative idea to startup business.  The Build It Program helps inventors develop their product and get it to the market.  Support is provided at no cost, but upon success, entrepreneurs may make a pay-it-forward donation.  For more information click here.