JEDI Speaker Series Videos

April 2021

Unconscious Bias by EDASC CEO John Sternlicht

Did you know our brains form biases by using our own knowledge about social situations, attitudes, cultures, stereotypes, emotional reactions and more? Hear from EDASC CEO John Sternlicht about how you can recognize biases, their impacts, and develop strategies to overcome them.These unconscious biases impact many areas of business, economic and community development, and everyday interactions in the work setting.

May 2021

Implicit Bias and the Workplace by Certified Diversity Speaker Zenovia Harris

Learn about implicit bias and its impact on the workplace from Zenovia Harris, the CEO and lead facilitator at Zenovia Harris LLC. She was also recently appointed as the CEO for the Kent Chamber of Commerce, becoming the first African American CEO to lead the chamber. Over the last decade, Harris has worked in higher education, sales and marketing and has owned her own business. She is also an accomplished author and former president for the Washington Diversity Council Advisory Board.

June 2021

The ABCs of LGBTQ+ by PFLAG Skagit President Linden Jordan

The ABCs of LGBTQ+ will introduce you to a community that many of you will recognize as family members and friends. You yourself may be a part of this community. There is considerable misunderstanding of these community members, and this presentation will familiarize you with who they are, why they are and why the business community of Skagit County should invest in learning more.

July 2021

DEI Strategies for Hiring by Chinook Enterprises CEO Nikki Wegner and Production Specialist David Wilder

DEI Strategies for Hiring provides information on strategies for success at including individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment in your company's business model.

August 2021

Leveraging JEDI as Part of Your Competitive Advantage by Kuma Roberts, Arrowhead Consulting Senior DEI Consultant

Roberts discusses strategies for success in leveraging JEDI principles as part of your business or organization's competitive advantage. Businesses with more diversity in the workforce have a broader audience, more clients, new perspectives and improved business.

September 2021

Creating a Sense of Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity

Dr. Vivanco based his presentation off a book of the same name, for which he applies to his work at the school district. He is helping build that culture at the school district in several ways, by creating a climate where each student is included and belongs without having to give up their identify, language, values, beliefs, and culture.