Introducing Skagit County, Washington

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Skagit (pronounced “SKĂJ-it”) means “to hide away” or “place of refuge” in the dxʷləšúcid (Lushootseed) language spoken by the Native American peoples who first lived in the region.  Skagit County is one of the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secrets for business, investment, and economic development.  No other location is as centrally and strategically connected with the Seattle and Vancouver, Canada metropolitan regions, North America’s leading gateways to the Asia-Pacific region.  Home to innovative, solution-oriented industry leaders, and a highly-skilled workforce, Skagit County offers an affordable, cost-competitive, and welcoming environment where your business and investment will be valued.  Its established track record in balancing sustainability and growth is unique within the region.

But don’t just take our word for it—explore our website, then come to see for yourself the opportunities Skagit County has to offer.

Why Skagit County?

  • Strategic, international location – halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, with more than 6 million people within a 100-mile radius
  • Cost-competitive – significantly lower tax rates, industrial land and building costs, and median home prices than are available in the two large metropolitan areas
  • Access to skilled workforce at every level
  • Proximity to world-leading research institutions and universities, as well as agile community colleges for workforce training
  • Easy access by highway, rail, air, and sea (within 90 minutes of three international airports and seaports) – with far less traffic congestion
  • Comprehensive infrastructure, including competitive energy and utilities costs, wide access to high speed internet, one deep-water seaport, and three airports (Skagit Regional Airport, Anacortes Airport, Concrete Airport) offering a diverse range of business, commercial and recreational aviation and maritime services
  • Diverse, increasingly multicultural, and welcoming community for all businesses, residents and visitors
  • Inviting cities, towns, and rural areas with an enviable quality of life, thriving arts community, access to top-notch health care services, and ample retail and cultural amenities
  • Spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities – Skagit County is the gateway to the San Juan Islands and North Cascades National Park