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Leadership Skagit has been the county's premier leadership development program since 2004, graduating over 550 alumni. Run by EDASC in collaboration with Skagit Valley College, the vision of Leadership Skagit is to develop leaders at all levels in our community. The intensive program is designed to inspire people to want to become leaders and to prepare them for these community leadership roles. Learn how to apply for Leadership Skagit here.



During the 9-month program, you will learn about important county-wide strengths and needs and how they are interconnected; develop and practice strategies and tools to become a more effective leader; and learn about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion that build skills on addressing systemic racism while expanding your professional and personal networks.

The curriculum also includes leadership and communications skills assessments and the completion of a team project that addresses a need in the community. Click here to view the 2023 class schedule.

Class graduates receive 17 academic credits in leadership from Skagit Valley College.


Learning Outcomes

Community Impact

  • Improved community leadership that is informed, engaged and skillful
  • Respect and understanding of community diversity
  • Improved community dialog with meaningful inclusion of diverse voices
  • Strong networks of existing and emerging leaders engaged in community service

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate a vision for a just, healthy and sustainable community in Skagit
  • Claim a leadership challenge and identify the relationships, resources and skills needed to impact this challenge
  • Develop a framework and reflective practice for the leader you want to be



Leadership Skagit alumni make up a network of over 550, including elected officials, business owners at all levels, executives and community members who are committed to making a difference in Skagit County. Leadership Skagit's alumni network regularly hosts networking events, educational programs and forums, and provides community services opportunities to facilitate continuing education and network-building among alumni.

To support constructive community progress, alumni are encouraged to serve on committees, boards and task forces, consider serving in elected or appointed office as well as participate in professional organizations throughout the county and region. Recognized by Skagit Fisheries Enhanacment Group as volunteers of the year in 2020, Brigid Collins with the 2018 Community Leadership Award, Leadership Skagit is also a past recipient of the Governor’s Leadership Award and the Washington State University Hall of Champions Award.

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