Port of Skagit

Port of SkagitOverview

Governed by an elected board of three commissioners, the Port of Skagit serves as an economic development engine for Skagit County by concentrating on our mission, Good Jobs for Our Community.  At the same time, we take care to provide transparent governance and excellent public service at minimal cost to the taxpayers in our district.

Conveniently located in northwest Washington’s fertile Skagit Valley, found midway between the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia, the Port of Skagit owns and operates three key facilities: the Skagit Regional Airport, the Bayview Business Park and the La Conner Marina. Combined, the port’s three facilities are home to more than 86 businesses that employ some 1,288 workers in sustainable household wage jobs, and we still have plenty of room to grow.

Local voters approved the creation of the Port of Skagit in 1964, realizing the need for an entity that would serve the economic needs of Skagit County by helping to create jobs in the natural resource fields of agriculture, wood products, fisheries and mineral extraction.  Our focus has broadened over the years, and today the port’s essential purpose is to contribute to the economic vitality of Skagit County through the development of facilities and infrastructure that support local commerce, trade and tourism.

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