EDASC Supports Pet Groomer Through Pandemic

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

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During the earlier days of the pandemic, Animal House Pet Grooming owner Germaine Kornegay felt especially bad for the animals when grooming businesses were not permitted to operate.

Some of the animals suffered from ingrown nails and matted coats when they had to go long periods without grooming services.

“Grooming is essential just like veterinary care is,” Kornegay said. “It hurt my heart to see the animals in need of grooming services.”

The pandemic was also hard on her business when it was forced to close, but it is now back and thriving. The waitlist at one point soared over 200 for those seeking grooming services for their pets.

The Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County (EDASC) has been an invaluable resource and partner for Kornegay. After Kornegay had used her personal savings to cover rent and other expenses while her business was forced to close during the pandemic, EDASC helped with a small business loan that made it possible for her to purchase better equipment which enabled her to keep up with the increased demand for grooming services. She was also able to purchase new equipment like dryers and clippers for the dogs she grooms.

Kornegay was able to move locations and rent a space that was more suitable for her business, where she was able to set her own hours, something she was unable to do in her prior space. Between the new space and the new location, these things were what made it possible for Kornegay to get caught up with the incredible demand for her services when she was given the go-ahead by the state to re-open her grooming business.

“The loan made all of this possible,” said Kornegay, who had used her personal savings to cover rent and other expenses while her business was closed due to the pandemic.  “EDASC has also hosted several seminars with a lot of useful information that has helped my business to grow and thrive,” said Kornegay.

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