EDASC adds no-cost Market Research tool to website

EDASC adds no-cost Market Research tool to website Main Photo

15 Feb 2022

MOUNT VERNON – EDASC has launched a no-cost Market Research tool on its website, providing Skagit businesses access to industry-specific and hyperlocal data to support growth and smarter decisions.

Designed to level the competitive business playing field, the Market Research tool provides small businesses with similar market research that typically only large corporations can afford to access.

“Businesses without access to information are at a disadvantage,” said EDASC CEO John Sternlicht. “With the launch of the Market Research tool, we are empowering our Skagit small businesses to make more data-driven decisions to better operate, succeed, and grow.”

The Market Research tool enables businesses to discover potential customers, suppliers, and competitors, and to identify the best locations to target advertising based on industry and demographic characters of their ideal customer.

It also empowers businesses to compare performance to industry competitors across multiple indicators to answer questions like:

•    Do I make more or less money than my competitors? 
•    Where are businesses like mine doing better or worse than me? 
•    Am I paying my employees more or less than my competitors? 
•    Is my business in a growing or declining industry? 

Check out the tool at skagit.org/our-services/market-research.

EDASC’s Market Research tool is provided by SizeUp, which uses big data, cloud computing, and computer algorithms to deliver custom analysis for local businesses. The data comes from hundreds of public and proprietary data sources covering firmographic, demographic, geographic, labor, wage, cost, consumer spending, transportation, and more.

For questions related to the Market Research tool, contact EDASC Director of Finance and Administration Audra Ramerman at audra@skagit.org.