HF Sinclair

8505 South Texas Rd. • Anacortes, Washington 98221
United States
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Located on March Point near Anacortes, Wash., the facility, which initially was owned by Texaco, went on stream in September 1958, processing up to 45,000 barrels of crude oil per day. A half-century later, Texaco and Shell merged their refining and marketing operations in the Western U.S., including the Puget Sound plant. When Chevron acquired Texaco in 2001, Texaco sold its interest in the refinery to Shell.

Currently, the plant processes as much as 145,000 barrels (5.7 million gallons) of crude oil per day. When refinery first began operating, most of its crude oil came from Canada via pipeline. Although it continues to receive crude from Central and Western Canada, now much of the facility's feedstock arrives by tanker from oilfields on Alaska's North Slope.

From this crude oil, the refinery produces including three grades of gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, propane, butane, petroleum coke that is used by companies that refine high-grade aluminum, sulfur, and a petrochemical called neonene.


Andrea Petrich

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