Workplace accident investigations: The key to prevention

Workplace accident investigations: The key to prevention Main Photo

18 Apr 2024


When an accident occurs at your restaurant, are you ready to investigate?

In the case of a serious accident involving hospitalization, a report must be filed with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries and a documented investigation must be completed for any serious injury or illness, even if it doesn’t result in a hospital stay. *  

An accident could trigger a workers’ compensation claim, so conducting an investigation afterward is an opportunity to gain insight into preventing a similar situation in the future, further affecting your workers’ compensation rate.

Larry Oman, a consultation supervisor with L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, says accident investigations are the “missing prevention piece” of any injury claim. Accident investigations are vital to helping you to understand what happened so similar accidents can be prevented.

Investigating accidents makes good business sense. Investigations help you:
•    Identify hazards to prevent future accidents;
•    Discover and correct deficiencies in training, work practices, and/or equipment;
•    Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with accidents, including workers’ compensation costs;
•    Improve worker’s confidence and morale; and,
•    Strengthen your required Accident Prevention Program (APP).

L&I presentation to focus on restaurants

An April 30 presentation from the experts at L&I will dive into accident prevention and investigations specifically for restaurants. The presentation will provide current statistics on workers’ compensation claims in the restaurant environment and follow the path of an injury/illness claim from the first report of injury to the details gathered for the claim. 

Attendees will learn what to do to address a claim, how to reduce future claims, and three things to make your workplace safer in the future. 

Be sure to attend this in-person presentation so you can take action to create a safer workplace for your team and keep your workers’ comp costs in check. 

Get all the event details and register here: Accident Prevention For Restaurants With L&I (

*Workplace fatalities or in-patient hospitalizations must be reported to L&I within 8 hours.