EDASC sees much promise in Washington Maritime Blue for local economy

Monday, December 18, 2017

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EDASC recognizes the importance of Washington Maritime Blue, its significance to the economy of Washington State and Skagit County, and the opportunities this will create for local businesses and employees.

On December 11, 2017, Governor Jay Inslee launched a long-term agenda to make Washington State’s maritime industry the nation’s leader in sustainable practices by 2050. The state will work with businesses, academic institutions, ports, Maritime Labor, Economic, and Workforce Development organizations to strengthen and maintain their leadership role in the maritime industry. The Washington Maritime Blue strategy will be supported by the U.S. Economic Development Administration through a grant of $500,000 matched by state and local funds.

Key components of this strategy include:

  • ensuring that innovative design, technology, and manufacturing happens in the State of Washington;
  • developing and strengthening partnerships between the state, research, and industry to maintain a supportive and innovative ecosystem;
  • highlighting use of innovative technologies and best management practices in the industry;
  • ensuring workers have the skills they need to participate in an innovative and evolving workforce; and
  • creating policies that allow the industry to innovate while maintaining high environmental standards.

The 17-member Advisory Council includes two local stakeholders, Mayor Laurie Gere of the City of Anacortes, and Stefanie Moreland of Trident Seafoods (Anacortes and Seattle).

View the full article from the Department of Commerce here.


Previously, the Washington Maritime Federation has conducted a Maritime Economic Impact Study for 2017, and EDASC CEO, John Sternlicht, has discussed the importance of the maritime industry to Skagit County’s economy and economic development. Currently, the City and Port of Anacortes are partnering with EDASC to complete a local maritime strategy to support and expand all aspects of the maritime industry in and around Anacortes.


Leading Skagit County maritime businesses and institutions can be found here.

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