Lieutenant Governor Habib Visits Skagit County to Discuss Economic Development Opportunities

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

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Washington State Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib visited Skagit County on October 2 to learn about local economic development initiatives, and to meet with businesses, organizations, and community members driving the economy to discuss priority issues and opportunities.  EDASC and Chinook Enterprises of Mount Vernon partnered to invite Lieutenant Governor Habib to Skagit County and coordinate his visit.  Lieutenant Governor Habib serves as "Washington's Chief Opportunity Officer," and his visit to Skagit County offered an opportunity to introduce him to the extensive regional partnerships working together to advance economic growth and create new opportunities for all members of the Skagit County community.

Lieutenant Governor Habib meeting with the EDASC Board and Skagit Valley College.In meetings with members of the EDASC and EDASC Foundation Boards, Skagit Valley College, and the Skagit STEM Network, among others, Lieutenant Governor Habib discussed his role and statutory responsibilities.  In addition to serving as president of the State Senate and as acting governor when Governor Inslee leaves the state, his other priorities include economic development and international trade; disability and veterans employment, and creating a college-bound culture.  Skagit County participants discussed priority economic development issues and successes, including fiber and broadband deployment, value-added agriculture, workforce development initiatives, STEM education activities in Skagit County's school districts, research and development, health care, and tourism promotion.

Lieutenant Governor Habib visiting the Port of Skagit, with Port Commissioner Steve Omdal and representatives of the Latino Business Retention and Expansion Program at EDASC.During his visit, Lieutenant Governor Habib and his director of economic development, Miranda Roberts, visited Chinook Enterprises to meet with students and employees there, and learn first-hand about Chinook Enterprises' role in employing and supporting full community participation for people with disabilities and other barriers.  They additionally visited the Port of Skagit for an extensive discussion about value-added agriculture activities in Skagit County, countywide fiber optics deployment, and developments on the SWIFT Center.  Lieutenant Governor Habib also had the opportunity to hear from two innovative Skagit County success stories--Viva Farms, and the Latino Business Retention and Expansion Program at EDASC--highlighting opportunities to bring new people into farming and to foster the success of Latino entrepreneurs and emerging youth leaders in the community.

EDASC and its partners were honored to welcome Lieutenant Governor Habib to Skagit County and look forward to his future visits.  To learn more about the Lieutenant Governor's activities, please visit his website at

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