Outdoor Tourism and the North Cascades Institute

Monday, August 07, 2017

Summer is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest, and now is an excellent time to explore the incredible nature around us. Whether you live in the hustle and bustle of Seattle or are from out of state, we invite you to visit Skagit County to experience the true beautify of the Puget Sound and all that our area has to offer. The North Cascades Institute can help you to do so.

North Cascade Institute: Connecting people, nature and community since 1986

The North Cascade Institute has been connecting people with nature for over thirty years through hands-on tours of the Cascades and Puget Sound. They have a variety of tours, activities and events that allow people to get outdoors and experience the wonders of our rivers, forests, mountains and wildlife first-hand.

Some of the activities they provide are:

#1 Youth Leadership Adventures

These are designed to educate, inspire and expose youth to the beauty of our natural environment.

#2 Skagit County Tours

You can tour the area by boat, walking or train with the North Cascade Institute. These tours are both fun and educational, allowing people to explore areas like Diablo Lake, Ladder Creek Gardens, and the Skagit Hydroelectric Project.

#3 Family Getaways

Plan an entire family adventure that allows for everyone to spend time together in the beautiful outdoors while also learning what makes this region so special.

#4 Base Camp

Rather than stay in a hotel, stay at base camp with other nature-lovers, participate in naturalist led activities and experience the wonders of the mountains and lakes of the North Cascades.

Visit the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center

The learning center has been named one of the “Top Three Spots in the North Cascades” by the Seattle Times and is a popular destination for those looking to learn about the ecology of the region. Here, you can learn with scientist, explore a glacier-fed lake, hike the mountains, and stay in a beautiful residential campus.

Students come here to learn year-round and people come from across the state and world to witness the majestic beauty of the North Cascades in all its splendor. They have an amphitheater, lodging, a dock on Diablo Lake, lakeside dining, classrooms and more.

An Educational Experience to Remember

The North Cascades Institute also offers an M.Ed program that is seven quarters long, beginning with a summer exploring the outdoors and ending with two quarters at Western Washington University. This program is ideal for anyone who is passionate about the environment and teaching other how to conserve it. Their professional residency program provides for hands-on opportunities for students to participate in educational events and activities while living in the stunning North Cascades, surrounded by nature.

Graduates will receive a Masters of Education along with a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration and one in Northwest Natural History.

Visit Skagit County

We invite you to visit the North Cascade Institute and Skagit County this summer. Your time here is certain to be remarkable.

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