EDASC celebrates National Small Business Week

Friday, April 29, 2022

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Small Business Week is May 1 to May 6 

Every year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) holds Small Business Week during the first week of May. We celebrate small businesses for many reasons, including the vibrancy they bring to the Skagit community by providing one-of-a-kind experiences. They create jobs within our local community and strengthen the local economy. 

In its 2021 Small Business Profile, the SBA Office of Advocacy reported that 61.2 million employees — 46.8 percent of the entire U.S. employee workforce — worked for small businesses. In 2018, American Express reported that about 67 cents of every dollar spent at a U.S. small business will stay in that business’ local community. Every dollar spent at that downtown shop, restaurant, or other small business creates an additional 50 cents in business activity in the local area. 

Small businesses are the core of the business community in Skagit County. The U.S. Small Business Administration defines a small business as any business with fewer than 500 employees, which means Skagit is 99.8 percent small businesses. Even if that number was reduced to 100 employees, 99 percent would still be small businesses. Small businesses employing less than ten employees comprise 84 percent of the businesses in Skagit County.

How You Can Support Small Businesses in Skagit County

Many ways exist to support small businesses in our community. You can go shopping at a nearby small business with friends and family, share their social media posts, or tip more than usual at your local restaurant or cafe. We urge you to show your appreciation for small businesses in Skagit County during the first week of May and all year round.

Skagit’s small business owners contribute to the rich fabric of our community in so many ways, by providing a variety of retail businesses, restaurants, services and more, all while employing many of our local residents. Locally-owned businesses help define our community and what makes Skagit County a special place to live, work and play. This week is an opportunity to celebrate their success and offer our appreciation to all the hard-working small business owners for all they do and contribute to the Skagit County community.

Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County Here to Support Small Businesses

The Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County (EDASC) is here to provide help to small businesses throughout the county during Small Business Week and beyond. This support includes access to information and resources, help applying for grants, and other incentives. Some of our programs include the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (CIE), the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and SCORE.

Are you interested in starting a local small business? Contact us for information, support and assistance. We also have resources available here.

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