EDASC launches Skagit Job Board, available at no cost to current Investors

Monday, June 21, 2021

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MOUNT VERNON – In response to employer needs, EDASC has launched an all-new Skagit Job Board on its website, displaying job openings across the county and surrounding region.

Available as a no-cost perk to all EDASC Investors, the job board launched with 88 companies and over 1,000 listings. Click here to browse the board.

“We are excited to add this new tool to further assist Skagit companies with their hiring needs and as an added benefit to our Investors,” EDASC CEO John Sternlicht said.

With hiring challenges amplified by the impacts of the pandemic, EDASC has heard from employers across the county and elsewhere about having difficulty filling jobs. So as part of EDASC’s mission, the board of directors and staff felt it was important to bring more attention to local job opportunities, Sternlicht said.

“It’s a way to support our Investors and meet their needs where they are,” Sternlicht said. “If this is what they say is their No. 1 priority, it’s incumbent on us to address those needs.”

The job board includes comprehensive search functions, including the ability to filter by job type, location and company.

The job board is updated automatically daily, refreshing as jobs open and close on each company’s careers pages. Jobs can also be added manually.

If you are interested in listing job openings or becoming an EDASC Investor, contact Communications Manager Aaron Weinberg at aaron@skagit.org.

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