La Conner Town Council awards $20,000 in grant funding to La Conner businesses and organizations to address COVID-19 impacts

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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LA CONNER -- The La Conner Town Council on Oct. 13 awarded five La Conner businesses and organizations a total of $20,000 in CARES Act funds, intended to help local businesses keep their doors open, retain jobs, and facilitate the development of a healthy economy in La Conner by encouraging tourism.

EDASC administered the grant on behalf of the town.

Because La Conner is a small town that depends on local- owned small businesses that serve the need of visitors, Council members were pleased to approve much-needed grant funding intended to encourage tourism.

“Visitors come to La Conner to enjoy time away from the rigors of daily life brought about by COVID-19,” said La Conner Mayor Ramon Hayes.  “The Pandemic has necessarily required us to adjust the way we normally do things, and we know that adjustment has been difficult for many. These grants can go a long way to encourage a healthy business climate in La Conner and help businesses adapt.”

Finance Director Maria DeGoede said, “The small business owners who have received awards are great examples of leadership. It’s great to be able to give them some help during this difficult time.”

The funding went to businesses that had previously been recommended by an EDASC local panel. The La Conner Town Council set out several criteria for the award of support funding, emphasizing the attraction of visitors. Awards were made to the following businesses:

  • The Wild Iris Inn
  • La Conner Guitar Festival
  • COA Mexican Eatery
  • La Conner Live Events
  • The Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA)

To learn more, contact Town Administrator Scott Thomas at

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