Grant helps local caterer bounce back from COVID-19

Monday, September 07, 2020

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Avenue Catering was awarded a $7,000 grant in June 2020 during the first phase of the Skagit County Small Business Grant Program, funded through the CARES Act and administered by EDASC.

We are profiling some of the businesses who have received local COVID-19 relief grants to highlight the importance of supporting Skagit County small-business ecosystem.

Avenue Catering knows Skagit County

Avenue Catering, located in Burlington, is a fully licensed catering company providing outstanding service, creative decor, and delicious food. They cater corporate events, breakfasts, banquets, weddings and provide boxed lunches. 

Lisa J Case and Miles-Kevin Baron are the owners of Avenue Catering Enterprises. In our interview Miles said "the best part about having a business in Skagit County is knowing and understanding the customer".

“Helping our clients plan events is such a pleasure because more often than not we know the people involved,” Baron said. “Our primary event planner, executive chef, and several of our employees and their families have either lived here their whole whole lives, or have lived here for a very long time. Being entrenched as we are in this community makes Skagit County a great place to do business.”

Grant funds enabled Avenue Catering to save their produce

Avenue Catering applied for the grant to help keep their doors open and keep their employees working. This includes preserving food and not wasting anything -- something the grant enabled them to do. 

“Every little bit helps. We do expect the catering industry to bounce back, but there is still a long road ahead,” Baron said.

We need local businesses 

The community can continue supporting Avenue Catering by using their ready-made meals service. Fresh-Food2U can provide fresh, individual serving, ready-made meals to heat-and-eat. They can be picked up curbside, or they can deliver.

They have something for everyone, including hearty steak, lasagna meals, vegetarian dishes, salads and even desserts. These options are great for people working from home, or for parents who are home-schooling. These ready meals are also ideal for people living in RV's or other "tiny homes" with limited storage for ingredients. 

Baron would like the community to know, “that we're still up and running. In fact, not much changed for us except people seem to think they can't call a caterer unless they are having a party. We started our Fresh-Food2U service over a year ago. We were doing individual ready-made meals for curbside pickup or delivery long before restaurants had to ‘pivot’ to our business model. While I was happy to see so many of our colleagues able to get into the curbside pickup business, I hope our customers continue to support us as well.”


Learn more about Avenue Catering here.

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