Thank You for Shopping Small this Holiday Season

Monday, December 23, 2019

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Thank you to all our community members who have shopped small this holiday season. Shopping small and supporting local businesses is critical to Skagit County’s economic growth. Small businesses reinvest in the community, create jobs, and add to the strong sense of place that defines downtowns from Mount Vernon to Sedro-Woolley. 

Ellen Gamson, Executive Director of the Mount Vernon Downtown Association, described how important strong downtowns are. “In today’s world of telecommuting, distance learning, and virtual meetings, a strong downtown provides the critical space for people to come together and achieve that sense of direct personal connection that is increasingly harder to come by, and is a necessary component of our social human nature,” she said.

That’s why downtown associations are investing in events and activities that bring people together. For example, this holiday season the Mount Vernon Downtown Association hosted the Annual Holiday Parade & Tree Lighting. In Sedro-Woolley, the Downtown Association hosted the Downtown Shopabout and Dine in December. These events are fun for residents, attract tourists and help to support the downtown businesses creating jobs within the community. 

Support Local Businesses After the Holidays 

Support Local Business in Skagit CountyThe reasons to continue supporting small businesses are clear - they make a more resilient and equitable economy. “Locally-owned small businesses are historically more resilient during economic downturns; they are typically more involved in civic engagement; and of course, they generate much-needed revenue to support essential public infrastructure and services,” said Ellen Gamson.

Research conducted by American Express highlights the level of contribution small businesses make to the economy. American Express conducted a county-level economic analysis on shopping at small businesses. They found that in addition to keeping dollars local, small businesses support job creation in other local companies and industries. According to the Small Business Economic Impact Study, for every dollar spent at a small business in the United States, 67 cents remains in the local economy. In addition, each dollar spent at a small business creates an additional 50 cents in local business activity.  When it comes to jobs, small businesses have a ripple effect. For every ten jobs at a small business, an additional seven jobs are created or supported within the community.


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